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Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and USA – viewed through the prism of the cars that made them great!

6 themed areas at the Wilton Classic and Supercar show will celebrate the achievements of the 6 Nations most closely associated with the age of the motorcar. In total 300 cars will star across the different areas, each dedicated area featuring music, food and styling to suit their national themes.

Want to join the 6 nations party?

The Wilton 6 Nations is an opportunity for many more car owners to participate in the Wilton Classic and Supercar spectacle, as we're looking for a colourful spectrum of vehicles that will typify the motoring history and style of each of the great nations represented.

Entry is by online application and subsequent invitation, so please use the online form linked below if you'd like your car to be part of the show!

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I am interested in having my car considered for entry in the Wilton 6 Nations display at the 2017 Wilton Classic and Supercar. I understand that my car will be on display for one or both days of the weekend, as stated below, and entry will be confirmed and secured on receipt of a charity donation of £50 per day.