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50 exceptional cars judged not on value or gloss, but on the stories of their creation and use…

Finely restored exotic, or beautifully preserved classic, the invited entries to the Wilton 100 – The Concours d’Histoire® will celebrate cars and culture through the ages. 100 fascinating stories will be shared through 50 amazing cars and the people who built, owned and have driven them.

A weekend of fascination

Every car has at least two stories to tell: its conception, design and production – why it appeared in the first place – and its ownership, use and achievement. Unlike the traditional concours d'elegance, the Concours d'Histoire® focuses on the history of every car on display.

Although entry is by the personal invitation of Lord Pembroke, applications are welcomed.
Please use the Registration link below.

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I am interested in having my car considered for entry in the Wilton 100 display at 2017 Wilton Classic and Supercar. I understand that, if chosen, my car will be on display for both days of the weekend