Toyota Celica GT2000 is a period-perfect ’70s streetfighter

Nov 25 2016, 1:01 pm

Toyota Celica GT2000 is a period-perfect ’70s streetfighter

WCS fan BEN REES has a special connection with his superb-looking Toyota Celica GT2000, having made the trip to Japan to find his car and bring it home.

Ben’s story:

“After owning a few old cars and always being fascinated with Japanese car culture, I took a trip to Japan to see it all for myself firsthand. I went to a classic endurance race at Tsukuba Circuit and after that I knew I needed to have a slice of the action.

I scoured the internet for a Celica and finally found a recently restored example that was in Fukuyama. I had an inspection carried out and then it had to spend 8 weeks at sea until it arrived in the UK.

Since having it road registered, I’ve updated the old wheels and tyres, the suspension, exhaust system, headlining… there are lots of other period-correct 1970s modifications such as a layer of subtle glitter lacquer on the rear light panel and front headlight panel.

I get so many lovely comments, especially from people who either owned one back in the day, or know someone that used to own one, and have fond memories. I absolutely love looking at it, too. It’s normally tucked away in the garage or I’m driving it, but when I take it out and park it up I just love to sit and look at it!

I also love the fact it looks as though it has been plucked straight from 1970s Japan with all my period correct modifications, and that’s the way I want it to stay.”


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  • Stefan Marjoram 17th January 2017 Reply

    Such a cool car. Saw the first one in ages recently – made my day.

  • Zuleika Morrison 28th November 2016 Reply

    Great article!

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    Richard Sutton 27th November 2016 Reply

    What a very lovely thing, Ben! I well remember when the original Celica came out and I was desperate for my dad to get one. Like the 240Z they were spot-on straight-off and quite distinctly different from the normal Euro options at the time. They were a clever mix of American-influence styling with Japanese exactitude, proportion, efficiencies and detailing. Real game-changers in the Japanese car industry story. I love the attention to detail on yours – absolutely gorgeous. Lovely colour, too. A great story. Thank you for it. This is exactly what WCS is all about – personal passion and choices, not just cheque-book quick-fixes. Watch this space as we will have the perfect slot for your lovely car at our event next June. All will be announced in the coming months.