Car magazine inspires four decades of Miura ownership

Jan 19 2017, 5:48 pm

Car magazine inspires four decades of Miura ownership

In December 1967 CHRIS WOOD read an article in Car magazine by the great LJK Setright, describing his experience in delivering one of the first UK-bound Miuras from Bologna to London. It was clear that this car transcended every other sports car produced to date by a considerable margin, says Chris, who resolved that if ever the opportunity arose he would do whatever it took to own one.

Chris’s story:

“10 years later, when happily everybody’s attention was focused on the Countach, with an attendant effect on prices, I was left a bequest by a maiden aunt.

To the consternation of my parents who felt such a windfall should be treated seriously with investment in the stock market or similar, I spent it all on a Miura S that had just come up for sale. 39 years later I still have the car, and the actual magazine that inspired me to buy it.

Some may have seen my orange Lamborghini Miura sitting in Lord Pembroke’s stables. Emerging from a three-year nut and bolt rebuild in 2015, the focus for 2016 was the 50th anniversary tour organised by Lamborghini. I think the company has realised it’s off the pace when it comes to exploiting heritage, compared with the likes of Ferrari and Jaguar, but of course they have less to exploit given a shorter history and no racing.

What they do have is the first supercar – the Miura. Consequently, they threw everything at the 50th anniversary tour, which was a fantastic four-day trip from Bologna via Parma and Viareggio to Florence.

Some 20 odd Miuras assembled, and the first stop at the factory set the tone for the trip. There was a ceremonial reveal of the new Aventador Homage (to the Miura), the formal opening of a new museum, and a fly past by Italian air force jets… when you’re Lamborghini having a party, you clearly have certain influence.

Highlights included the first sight of 20 Miuras parked in line, leading the column out of the factory behind a police car – a fully liveried Lamborghini Huracan police car, lunches and dinners in frescoed palazzos, flying down the autostrada in a 100mph plus convoy urged on by the motorcycle outriders, and making lasting friendships with some fascinating owners.

When it was launched the Miura broke all the rules and made everything else obsolete. Then and now it made your hair stand on end – how about a bottom gear that will take you beyond the British legal speed limit and a top gear you don’t use until you’re over 145 mph? It also happens to be, quite simply, the best looking car ever produced.

I promised my wife we would sell the car come the 50th year. After this, I’m sorely tempted to keep it for the 60th anniversary do…”


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  • Jeremy Stoker 22nd January 2017 Reply

    What a story and what an event to go to!

    I miss LJK’s writing and am also reminded of Mel Nichols’ wonderful article,Convoy, also in Car magazine about bringing three Lamborghinis back to the UK in 1977.

    Looking forward to the big event in June- I already have my tickets ordered!

  • Jeremy Waud 20th January 2017 Reply

    Great story,great pics and a great car!