Bespoke Lotus 410 for nostalgia-driven secret agents?

Feb 22 2017, 5:13 pm
Bespoke Lotus 410 for nostalgia-driven secret agents?

A fringe participant on the supercar stage, Lotus nevertheless manages to court an improbable quantity of press. The latest product to do just that is this one-off Evora Sport 410, commissioned in-house to celebrate 40 years since the Giugiaro-bodied Esprit S1 first appeared in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’

Echoing the move of marques like Porsche and Ferrari, this 410 is the product of Lotus Exclusive, a bespoke factory service that enables buyers to customise their cars prior to delivery.

Actual work on the car has been subtle to say the least, with a colour-coded bumper, black coach line and a partly coloured tailgate to create the illusion that this is a traditional liftback. The B-pillar has also received some script in the style of the original Esprit’s graphics.

Inside, tartan check on the seats and door cards is the extent of it, save for some contrasting red stitching.

The Evora Sport 410 beneath this waft of the cosmetic wand remains an astonishing all-rounder, however, with a devastating turn of speed and a B-road ride quality unrivalled in this class. Not submersible and bereft of surface-to-air missiles, this is still the definitive low-volume sports car, straying boldly into modern supercar territory.