Classic car or Supercar, every enthusiast loves the adventure

While personal tastes vary widely, it is the artistry and engineering, the speed and adventure, the style, music and culture and the sheer freedom of the road that entrances every enthusiast. Welcome to Wilton Classic and Supercar

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Why Classic?

"I think that cars today are almost the exact equivalent of the great Gothic cathedrals; I mean the supreme creation of an era, conceived with passion by unknown artists, and consumed in image if not in usage by a whole population which appropriates them as a purely magical object." Roland Barthes, Philosopher, 1957

Classic cars hark back to a time before globalisation and shared components: to when cars were highly individual things. They represent their national characteristics, their creators' temperaments and skills in very distinct ways. By modern standards classic cars are inefficient, slow, unsafe, high maintenance, and sometimes unreliable. But they are beautiful, romantic, steeped in nostalgia, brimming with character, and often a huge pleasure to own.

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Why Supercar?

"Supercars are the ultimate creative expression of the world's top car designers, and they are a dynamic showcase of the finest engineering of the time. To own one and use one is a patronage of the modern car art movement. It is also the most fantastic fun!" The Earl of Pembroke, 2016

While Supercars are expensive, and big, bold statements of success, they are also creatively miraculous. They are designed to create a big 'wow factor' which is why, when we bring 150 of them together on the Saturday (pre-1990) and Sunday (1990-on) of Wilton Classic and Supercar, we call it The Wilton Wow! But while Supercars cost a fortune, they are also hugely efficient and beautifully designed and built. So what might appear as excessive, is also the work of brilliance.

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Why Wilton?

"Wilton is unique in its architectural magnificence and breathtakingly beautiful setting. It is neither an overbearing symbol of power nor publicly-owned tourist trap, but a living family home dating from 1530. With a hospitable car-nut Earl in residence, it is the perfect location for a modern tribute to the art of the automobile." Richard Sutton, Event Director

Wilton House has, since its very foundation, been a place where art meets life. Where the extraordinary is interspersed with the everyday, and where passionate creators of art and beauty have found generous patronage for generations. It has celebrated storytelling through art and literature for centuries, and since the dawn of motoring has been associated with some of the most exotic and fabulous automotive icons the world has ever seen.